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A Sweet Disposition Trilogy

Follow a group of friends as they navigate the singles market and eventually have to deal with real life hitting them all, whether they like it, or not. 

A Sweet Disposition

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. It's supposed to be easy, right?

Not for this group. Dave has just been dumped after his long-term girlfriend breaks up with him and needs help navigating the dating scene all the while trying to get over his ex.


Rosie has doubts about her relationship and can't get out of her own head, and Fed. Well, he's the glue that holds this rag tag group together. A Sweet Disposition is an honest look to dating. Maybe. A little bit too honest.

If you like; “500 Days of Summer” "Crazy Stupid Love"  and “Chasing Amy”.

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A Sweeter Disposition

Love is in the air. Rosie and Dave are getting married and the whole gang are settling down, even Fed.

Now watch as a group of thirty somethings figure out that getting the other half was only the first battle, it's keeping them that's the hard part


The Sweetest Disposition

In this final instalment of the franchise the gang begins to learn what is really important in life.

As you get older priorities change, weddings rings, children and sacrifices are the name of the game. Some people aren't ready for that type of commitment, and the rest, are desperate for it.

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