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Spec Scripts


Seven Minutes

A brilliant computer scientist, Dr Emma Anderson, designs a computer program that maps the human brain in the final minutes before death, not knowing her own accidental death will be used as the trial run which allows her to travel through her memories.

As the computer program she creates guides her through her consciousness little does she know that another scientist has introduced another program which tries to take control of Emma's mind.

If you like; “The time Travellers Wife” and "Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind" 

This script is the first is part of a trilogy. If you would like more information on the next two instalments "SOMNUS" and "HARi" please click here.


After visiting a hypnotherapist Oscar listens back to his session and learns the story of the love affair he has had in his past lives with his soulmate.

Dancing through time these two souls are always destined to meet, but not always be together.


Maybe, this time it can all be different.



A hostage negotiator Dr Steven Thorn and his team are dragged into a web of deceit as they attempt to retrieve the daughter of a state governor.


Negotiations are  the ultimate game of chess for this charming genius, but this time the stakes could be too high.


If you like; “House MD" and "The Killing"

A Sweet Disposition

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. It's supposed to be easy, right?

Not for this group. Dave has just been dumped after his long-term girlfriend breaks up with him and needs help navigating the dating scene all the while trying to get over his ex.


Rosie has doubts about her relationship and can't get out of her own head, and Fed. Well, he's the glue that holds this rag tag group together. A Sweet Disposition is an honest look to dating. Maybe. A little bit too honest.

If you like; “500 Days of Summer” "Crazy Stupid Love"  and “Chasing Amy”.

This script is the first part of a trilogy. For more information on the next two instalments "A Sweeter Disposition" and "the Sweetest Disposition" please click here.

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our way.PNG

Our Way To Fall

Driving his brother home from University, Noah is stuck in a van with his ex-girlfriend during one of the country's worst snowstorms on the day before Christmas Eve.

Battling the weather in an attempt to arrive home for Christmas, the storm isn't the only thing causing mayhem for this trio.

If you like; “Lost in Translation" "Up in the air" and "Trains, Planes and Automobiles"

Dance of the Condor

1970's Buenos Aires, a young seventeen year old American girl arrives in a foreign country where she learns the tango and what it means to become a woman.

Set in the background of the Argentine revolution love isn't the only thing in the air as civil war looms.

If you like; “Dirty Dancing" , "Argentina 1985" and "Evita"

End of life.PNG

End of Life

Sam is a newly qualified Doctor who ends up having to spend his first training year in a palliative care hospice in the middle of nowhere.

All isn't what it seems as this aspiring heart surgeon realises there may be more to life-and death.

If you like; “My Sisters Keeper” and "Manchester by the Sea"

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