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Seven Minutes Trilogy

A computer program that can map the human body in the final minutes of life is the starting point in a trilogy about what it means to be alive.

Seven Minutes

A brilliant computer scientist, Dr Emma Anderson, designs a computer program that maps the human brain in the final minutes before death, not knowing her own accidental death will be used as the trial run which allows her to travel through her memories.

As the computer program she creates guides her through her consciousness little does she know that another scientist has introduced another program which tries to take control of Emma's mind.

If you like; “The time Travellers Wife” and "Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind" 



The team must go into hiding to complete further experiments and gather more data to prove that the Somnus machine, and the computer program Hari is safe.


Their current patient may be the most dangerous experiment yet and will test the nerve of everyone involved as outside agencies attempt to shut them down. 

They could change the world, but is everybody ready for that?


Health care is big business, and the team are on the cusp of changing modern medicine forever, but can they keep sight of what it is that got them there?

The past is repeating itself for the Anderson family as Emma's daughter is now stuck in the Somnus machine. Old friends and enemies must come together in this final instalment, and sacrifices will need to be made.

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